A Complete APDM Guide For Log In Account

APDM is a kind of database management software. Mainly it is created for providing assistance to educational institutions. Use of this particular source is beneficial in uploading records and complete data related to the students. In all schools, there is a school admin appointed.

The responsibility of the admin is to manage and update data properly. Before performing all these activities, the individuals are required to log in their account first. Some individual does not know that how to log in the account. The following information can help you in getting an answer to the question.

Log in guide

It is easy to log in account, and the users need to take help from a simple & short process.

Visit website

First of all, the users need to visit the official website of apdm. Now the question arises that who can visit the website for log in the account. For this particular task, school admin needs to put efforts or perform activities.

Mention required details

When you visit the official website after that, you can see the log in the panel on the left side of screen. There are two columns available for filling the details. Mainly these details are –

  • userID
  • password

UserID is given to the school admin, and it is also considered as the school code. The users need to make sure that they are filling details perfectly without any kind of error. After all these things, they should click the Log In button.

Key facts

The users need to focus on guidelines and follow them while mentioning details. When it comes to fill the UserID at that time the users need to make sure that it is completely written in capital letters. With it, there is not any kind of space available between userID.